About us

We are a 100% locally-owned and operated company consisting of two equal share owners:

  • Tony Parrish - Owner/Company Director
  • Kevin Haggart - Owner/Computer Director

And the people that assist us are:

  • Mel Rowe - Reception/Office Administrator
  • Murray Eynon - Mobile Maintenance/Installation
  • Alex Gower-Stills - Apprentice Fabricator
  • James Williams - Apprentice Fabricator
  • Luke Gould - Apprentice Fabricator
  • Dean Humphries - Fabricator

Each have our individual strengths that, when combined, help a business flow. When Mel and Kevin receive an enquiry or a set of plans, these are reviewed with the customer and an informative tour of our showroom helps to ensure their needs and that options are being offered and preliminary drawings can be drafted. 

Once drawings are finalised and quotes accepted by the customer, material and product is ordered and Tony works with the builder and customer so we have a full understanding of how units are expected to arrive on site.

Aluminium arrives in 5m - 6.5m lengths into our factory and then works its way down one side where Tony cuts the job and Dean preps all units. With the assistance of Alex, James and Luke, the aluminium then works its way back up the factory being fabricated and glazed, then finally loaded onto the truck and delivered to site. 

Our mobile repairs and maintenance is monitored by Mel and Murray who receive enquires, organise quotes and the jobs to be carried out. 

Murray has significant experience in all types of aluminium and is able to come up with solutions to suit 99% of cases...apparently nicknamed "the Doctor".

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